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Need tips to start planning for a successful showing at #ANC2020? Watch the video below to hear from veteran exhibitors and learn tips for engaging attendees and maximizing your return on investment.

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Money-saving Tips for Your Expo Space

In today’s economy, we are all looking for ways to cut costs. Here are just a few ways that you can save money when designing your booth.

  • Bring your own flooring. Your local hardware store, Home Deposit or Lowes for example, sells flooring that is easy to transport and put together. Cost: $50 – $100, compared to the onsite fees for a carpet: $200 - $600 depending on the size of your booth space.

  • Bring your own tables. Your local Hardware Store sells 6 – 8 foot folding tables that are easy to transport and set-up. Cost: $50 compared to the onsite fees of $150-$200.

  • Bring your own chairs. Your local Hardware Store sells folding chairs and stools at a cost of $25, compared to the onsite fees of $100 or more depending on the style.

  • Bring your own wastebasket. Store cost $5; onsite fee $20.

  • For Electrical and Water, always place your order by the advance rate deadline to take advantage of the discounts.

  • Limit your sample amounts: Food & Beverage Companies do not need to provide items for each attendee at the conference. On average, 50% of the attendees will visit your booth over the length of the conference (2 days).

  • Take advantage of the discounts on services offered by GES, PSAV & the Gaylord Opryland; be mindful of deadlines.

Post-Show Tradeshow Checklist

To get the most from your investment at ANC 2019 St. Louis, follow up on your leads and use social media.

Prioritize Your Leads:

  • Electronic Retrieval Systems – maintain this information within your database
  • Leads from Business Cards – sort through and classify; organized in your database
  • Attendee Lists – a final attendee list is available for purchase in August 2020

  1. Email your leads within one week of the trade show.
    Create and send a personalized email to prospects you met at the trade show. Make sure to include:
    • Questions that encourage them to respond.
    • A call to action – such as visiting your company’s site, taking part in a free demo or giving them free information through a blog or PDF download.
    • It doesn’t hurt to include a photo of you and your team looking energized at the trade show booth. This visual will help remind the recipient of who you and your company are!

  2. Call the top leads.
    While email is great, talking voice-to-voice is even better. Getting to know them on a more conversational level is only going to help grow that relationship and, therefore, your chance of doing business with them. It may be hard to call all the leads, so focus on the ones you had the strongest connection with and feel have potential to bring in the most business.

Social Media:
The leads that come from a tradeshow are just the beginning of a long selling cycle. Depending on the nature of the product or service you sell, your lead might not unfold until months. Social media allows you to extend the conversation.

  • Use Facebook or LinkedIn to keep the conversation going between you and the attendee. Recap highlights of the show.
  • Use your company Blog to discuss issues the attendees raised while visiting your booth at the conference. Have a series of topics and address each concern in detail.
  • Promote the videos you shot at the conference of your booth, demos, presentations and product launches on YouTube and via links your website, LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Provide post-show incentives to get your Twitter & Facebook followers to recommend you to their colleagues and join the social networks you maintain.

Ask for feedback:
Whether via email, phone or a mailing piece, ask for feedback from the people you met at your trade show. Ask questions relevant to your and their industry – such as:

  1. How was their experience at the trade show & within your booth?
  2. What any hurdles may be in this type of product or service?
  3. The most helpful thing your company could offer them.

Don’t be afraid to give an incentive. Perhaps they’ll be entered into a raffle for a big prize or gift card if they share feedback.

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